Canadian Punk Band ‘Bunchofu*kingoofs’ and The Berlin Wall

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A side note for my fellow aging ‘punk at heart’ friends;

Did you know?

Before the Berlin Wall came down an unknown (at the time) named Kieran Plunkett, headed out to Berlin & spent what must have been an agonizing amount of time (considering the conditions), spray painting the ‘B.F.G’ name out in it’s full glory across a 10 meter span. When the wall came down, amazingly that piece of wall was lowered logo intact and became quite coveted. Currently it’s whereabouts is unknown, according to Wikipedia;

Unknown Locations

Eight, 4 meter tall pieces of the wall (measuring ten meters in length) with the logo of the Toronto punk band, Bunchofuckingoofs were put up for auction at Sotheby’s in 2007 after an exhibition in Basel, Switzerland and then New York City. Their location at present is unknown.

In 1985, Kieran Plunkett, the present singer and bass player for UK punk band The Restarts, spraypainted the Bunchofuckingoofs logo on the Berlin Wall and after the fall of the wall, that section of the wall was taken off to be viewed in art expositions in Basel, Switzerland and New York City. 

I have a special fondness for the B.F.G’s. I had a shop for a few years in the gritty ‘Kensington Market‘ area of  Toronto that they called home, and built a (long since disseminated) friendship with the giant, soft hearted, original B.F.G bass player ‘THOR’ – who also happened to be an entirely colour blind (only saw black and white) tattoo artist – and a good one at that. Thor did all but three of my current tattoos. The one I did in memorial of my sister, he did for free.

Steve Goof I ran into a few times, 20 years ago or so. I can’t say he was anything but pleasant to me, but then I was all of 18 & very much full of life – an avid observer. Though he was always ‘right out of er’ as we like to say, clearly he was a man with intellect and passion – not an idiot or ‘goof’ – by any means. He owned properties and lucrative businesses, and he kept drugs out of ‘The Market’. An interesting character, and quite a legend in many circles in Toronto.

I have told this story to disbelieving friends many times. Now, in the day of beloved Wikipedia, I can finally back my claims up! Way to go B.F.G’s – quite a way to have yourselves implanted into world history!

And there is a book too;

Dirty, Drunk and Punk: The Twisted Crazy Story of the Bunchofuckingoofs

Jennifer Morton

Publication Date: Mar 15 2011

The Bunchofuckingoofs were born in 1984. They were a punk band. An art collective. A bicycle gang. They were anti-establishment, anti-consumerism, and lived totally D.I.Y. They played music, made their own clothes, and lived commune-style at Fort Goof. Their name even made it onto the Berlin Wall. The Bunchofuckingoofs have been a Toronto institution for thirty years. Reviled by some for their punk music, hard looks, and rough lifestyle, they were hardcore with hearts. They were the kings and queens of Kensington Market. They took care of their backyard, kept drugs and skinheads out, and earned the respect of others who also called it home. They lived outside of society and within one of their own. A society where dogs ruled, beer was currency, and no one made plans beyond the next gig. Dirty, Drunk, and Punk chronicles twenty-five outrageous years of the Bunchofuckingoofs through the eyes, words, and blurred memories of the people who lived it.


Dirty, Drunk & Punk

Berlin Wall Segments

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