Night, in Hamburg

Leg Lamp

After finishing our ‘free drink’ overlooking all of the action in the Red Light district, we decided we needed to head back out and see what else night time in Hamburg had to offer.

I found the best ‘leg lamp’ ever! – If I had not been at the beginning of my travels, I might have had to purchase it. So tacky! And not only did the gun store have some of the cheapest firearms I have seen (not that I am an expert), but they were just sitting there behind a huge glass window asking to be ‘smash and grabbed’.

Cheap Guns

That would never happen in North America, not in my limited experience. The gun shops I know in Canada, have bars across the windows AND they don’t leave guns in the display overnight. I don’t know if that means Hamburg is a safe city – or the opposite!

There is a large beautiful, though well used (some graffiti, a bit of garbage) park essentially downtown Hamburg called ‘Planten un Blomen‘ (plants and flowers in Low German).

The park was infested with rabbits – more than I had ever seen in one place before. And though it was after dark, the park was still filled with walkers, cyclists, hand holding lovers and loitering teens. It was there that we came across the vandalized statue that was clearly not impressed with his ‘representation’!

Defaced Monument, Hamburg

After lingering in the park for a while, people (and bunny) watching, we decided it was time to get some sleep and headed back to our Hostel. Tonight it could have been any Hostel, we literally picked one because we drove by it.

Was I impressed? Well the group facilities were ok, and the staff nice, but the rooms were unbearably hot, beds uncomfortable and blankets too small – never experienced that before, on a tiny cot! Not that we needed blankets in the sweltering temperatures.

The Hostel, Hamburg

So no, not impressed. I generally like to stick to ‘Hostelling International‘ locations. They are clean, comfortable, well located and usually air-conditioned. Many of them were former Monasteries or Nunneries, which is also interesting, and means they are immaculately clean and well maintained.

And, don’t be put off by the term ‘Youth Hostel’. I am nowhere near a youth, and have stayed at HI locations where I met travelling seniors. But because it is ‘first-rate’, I recommend you book ahead…and because I generally fail to do that – I end up where I end up!

As we were coming up to our Hostel parking lot, we saw a brilliant bit of very political graffiti – someone was happy the Nazi’s ended up ‘in the garbage’!

A Message, Hamburg

I can’t help but think how ninety percent of street artists from our area really aren’t saying anything of importance – I suspect they haven’t really had any dramatic experiences, other than perhaps those of a personal nature.

Hamburg is not a large city, by North American standards. By the time we left in the morning, we had essentially driven or walked on every street inside the highway that circles the outer edge of the city.

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You can follow this trip by heading to the ‘8 Country EU Tour‘ section, or you can enjoy many more photos of Germany by heading to the Habitual Runaway on Facebook.



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