Bremen for Breakfast

Our Rental Car

We took the A1 highway for about an hour and a half before we decided a breakfast stop was necessary. We chose to pull into Bremen simply because we saw some nice architecture and lot of flowers.

We stopped in at a local market and bought some (absolutely delicious) fruit from some cute old German ladies who insisted we ‘try free’. After the two of them repeated this phrase over and over, but couldn’t answer our questions about cost, we realized this might be the only English phrase they knew.

The Market in Bremen


We bought everything we tried, how could we not?!

Full of strawberries, we decided to take a walk along a path clearly seen from the fruit stand. We found ourselves beside a beautiful pond surrounded by majestic, gangling trees, already I loved Bremen!

Lounging in Bremen

We sat for a bit, appreciating our little adventure while watching the cyclists, dog walkers and joggers pass by. We didn’t plan on staying in Bremen long, so we headed back to the car to do a driving tour of town.

As we were perusing the streets in our rental car, I noticed a pedestrian only area with narrow cobblestone streets that I knew we had to explore. We quickly found some parking and headed down the lane.

Read that Plaque!

Immediately to our left was a very old building – according to the plaque it was home of the ‘Burgermeister’ in 1615. I was immediately overwhelmed with excitement knowing it was possible that around the next corner could be the medieval village of my dreams. I was not going to be disappointed.

Finding Medieval Bremen

Not only does Bremen have a beautifully intact Medieval Town Centre, it remains fully functioning. Shops and schools, restaurants and art galleries. Looking down I noticed that some loving artistic soul has paved the way to the ‘heart’ of old Bremen with – hearts.

Hearts in Bremen

Little red hearts stencilled and sprayed on to the cobblestone leading the way from the main road to the most spectacular example of the medieval age I have ever experienced…

Additional photos in the slideshow.

You can follow this trip by heading to the ‘8 Country EU Tour‘ section, or you can enjoy many more photos of Germany by heading to the Habitual Runaway on Facebook.

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