Grand Place, Brussels

Grand Place Medieval

Our feet were literally cut up from our dastardly Dutch tour. Flip-flops were not designed for long distance walking and our feet showed it.

We knew already that no matter what our hearts desired, we would not be walking every square inch of Brussels as we did Amsterdam – we would be lucky to make it once around the old town square.

The way into Brussels is ultimately simple, straight off the Highway, and only about 2 1/2 hours from Amsterdam. One of the first sites we came to was ‘Our Lady of Laeken Church’.

View of Laeken Monument

Originally built as a mausoleum for Queen Louise-Marie, first Queen of the Belgians and wife of Leopold 1. It is here that members of the Belgian Royal Family are laid to rest.

There is usually parking right in the church lot, if you are only staying long enough to take some photos. And it is indeed worth stopping for.

Laeken Lady

The architecture in Bruxelles(Fr)/Brussels(En) is like nowhere else in the world. Regal and grand, Brussels was fortunate to have had only one air raid at the end of World War II, that did not result in damage to their central medieval architecture.

With parking secured in the ‘Grand Place Parkade‘ (I suggest it, perfect location, and cheaper than Amsterdam!), we headed out to find some of the famous sites and happened upon a glorious mall – ‘Galeries St. Hubert‘ – glass ceiling, gorgeous architecture.

Galeries St. Hubert

You can’t miss it, it’s so close to the Grand Place. I didn’t buy anything (not for lack of want), but loved the dreamy walk through.

Statues, in the Middle Ages when the majority of the population was illiterate, were used for telling important stories, lessons, and laws – as well as for honouring significant people and historical moments. In no place in the world are there more stories being told than in the Grand Place.

Grand Place Square

Just be sure to visit on a rainy Wednesday morning – it seems to always be entirely packed with tourists and the like – for good reason – if you are into this type of architecture, Brussels is the best example of its kind in the world.

Some research says this played a role in the decision to deem it the capital of the European Union.

I am not a photographer, and would never claim to be. I generally photograph for myself, to keep track more than to create art, but Brussels is so gorgeously gothic, even I managed to capture some images worth printing out (but only a few!).

Angel and devil

There was even a glorious place for rent right in Grand Place, which of course made us stop for a moment and wonder what it would cost and how we could manage to make the move…

Many additional photos in the slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can follow this trip by heading to the ‘8 Country EU Tour‘ section, and you can enjoy many more photos of Belgium by heading to the Habitual Runaway on Facebook.


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4 responses to “Grand Place, Brussels

  1. If only I had been more of a keen photographer in the past ! Your super pictures have reminded me of a time when we lived @ Mons for 18 mnths so we had quite a few trips to Brussels . Of course those were the days prior to Digital cameras ….. EEEK …
    I loved the Art Nouveau Architecture ..The Grande Place.. Restaurants
    Would like to take the eurostar and have a week end to refresh my mind.


    • Oh goodness, that is very kind of you to say – but truly I am an awful photographer! I literally took 6,000 photos of Europe while I was there and there were less than 100 that ended up being decent! THANK GOODNESS for digital!

      Isn’t the architecture something in Brussels though? I have never been to Mons – now I will have to google it!


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