Au Revoir France!

He Changes His Shirt!

Yay! He changed his shirt!

Now you may have noticed that (until this post) my husband appears to have not changed his attire since departing Amsterdam!

At the beginning of our trip, we packed intellectually. Enough underwear for the entire tour, neutral consistently matching outfits (and very few of them) – my husband even brought two of the same pair of shorts.

So, though he changed his underwear daily and (kinda) changed his shorts, he DID wear that same bloody shirt for days on end. And he did so to make a point (jerk!).

I had made the mistake of mentioning that I wanted to do laundry at least once while on our voyage;

“No way are we doing laundry, absolutely not. ABSOLUTELY NOT. I hate laundry and we have more than enough clothes! We are NOT stopping to do laundry.”

To make his point clear, he didn’t even use 1/2 of the clothes he packed (and we both only took one small carry on backpack each)!

Unfortunately for me (or fortunately?), at no point on our tour did he ‘stink’ – so he won – we did not do laundry.

Shower View

View from the shower!

We showered, went to bed early, rested well, awoke at daybreak, *changed our clothes* and headed to the Hertz.

The hostile lady at the desk was not just incredibly unhelpful, but she actually insulted my French (only had that happen once before), and told us essentially to figure out our issues on our own – she was unable to help us.

Interesting, as we were at the company we rented our car from. I certainly would have expected some help from them.

As we were leaving, her (friendlier) co-worker followed us outside. He had heard us mention, as we walked out of the building, that we planned to just drive the car over to the UK, seeing as we really didn’t know what else to do.

He informed us that there was another Hertz at the ferry depot in Calais that we could try, but that we must not go across the ferry with the car as it would cost us an additional 2,000 euros!

We get to Calais just to find that the location we have been sent to is CLOSED (OMG!) – but there is a phone number. I call it, they tell us to park our car in the ferry lot, drop the keys in the box and continue on.

At the time that sounded crazy to us – we had paid in advance and knew we were owed some money back – and we had just driven for a week – you really want us to just drop the car off in a random lot and walk away?

We pondered this for an hour or so, in shock, but with no other solutions, we decided to do what we were told – so far that had been working out ok for us.

We were still overjoyed from our fantastic evening, and full of positivity and excitement – this rude little morning side track wasn’t going to bring us down. We still love you, France!

We boarded the ferry for Dover not knowing what we would do once we got there, especially now that we had given up our wheels! Thankfully we had an hour and a half on the boat to figure it out. Finally, on our way to the UK…


You can follow this trip by heading to the ‘8 Country EU Tour‘ section, and you can enjoy many more photos by heading to the Habitual Runaway on Facebook.

2 responses to “Au Revoir France!

  1. Many years ago, my young daughter and I drove from Bruges to LeHavre, dropped our rental in the parking lot and boarded the hovercraft for a short, and very bumpy, trip across the English Channel. There we found that the rail workers were on half-day strike: just enough time to grab lunch before heading to London. Hope you have a wonderful time! All the best!


  2. What is it with husbands and travelling clothes?? They seem to think that all the normal conventions of dress go out the window when they leave home. Mine does this too! I do agree that it’s very sensible to travel as lightly as possible but there is a limit. 🙂


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