Spooked at Greyfriars

Headstones in the Kirk

We waited until night fell before walking the two blocks to Greyfriars Kirkyard. Before even making it to the gate, we were both goosebumped – exactly what we were looking for! No offense to the souls who rest here, but really everything about Greyfriars is maximum creepy – even one of the side entry gates looks like an old vampire movie set prop.

Greyfriars Kirk

You might have noticed mention of a propensity toward Spirituality on my part, if you have read a few Runaway posts. This night, feeling fully spooked out to start with, I was taking photo after photo looking for ‘orbs’. I like orbs.

The common belief (I was even told this in a temple in Thailand – a story for later), is that the orb itself is a little positive bit of spirit/energy/soul, that appears as a sign/message/support/guide/act of love.

Kirk in the Dark

There were no orbs. Not even a speck of dust on the lens that I could mistake for one. I OFTEN have orbs in my photos (even after a lens cleaning!), so this was a bit distressing to me.

We were the only ones, at that moment, stupid enough to be in the graveyard after dark, and even my orbs had abandoned.

Where the Pious Lay

We started out by walking along the wall that houses the Popes and other important Godly types – mainly because the area is the only with lighting – and if you are going to be in a ‘haunted’ cemetery, why not be in the area reserved for the people who devoted their lives to good? Seemed like the least intimidating option. Unfortunately for me, there was no way the Hub going to let us stand there in the safety of the devout.

Admittedly, we did not go into the area reserved for the ‘evil’. That would have been too much for even me! And I was not going to be pushed. I am actually NOT about forcing my ‘spiritual luck’ – though things change a little (for me) when faced with a historical masterpiece like Greyfriars.

I wasn’t focussing on taking good photos – I was already trembling and really, just looking for orbs. Earlier I had told the Hub about my previous guided tour of the Covenanters prison and the haunting tales that go along with it, so of course he absolutely insisted that we head to the gates.

Every few steps up the centre path (yes, literally) I asked him if we really ‘had to’ and if he ‘was sure’.

I can’t deny feeling the doom before we even met the external Greyfriar gates and I can’t deny being a bit superstitious or occult-y – in that I ‘believe in the unknown’, but what happened next was way beyond my scope of experience – I don’t actually even know how to explain…

Looking into the Covenanters Prison

I took a photo of the gates, with my (chicken) husband about 7-10 feet behind me. For me, that was enough – I was ready to go.

“Get closer – take a photo through the bars.”

I heard from behind me. I was already in shock, and like so many other animals, when I am in shock I am thoughtless and mailable. I approach the bars and snap more photos.

At this point, please note that all of my photos thus far, look essentially the same. If you were to examine the time stamp on each pic, you would see they were taken seconds apart. There was no rain, no fog, no snow, no lens disturbance.

What I saw, I didn’t only see in the lens – I saw it in front of me AND ON ME – and I felt it! Coming in from the left like an icey cold, sucking the air out of the Kirkyard. First it was wispy fingers of ‘mist’ and within an instant it was IN MY FACE taking my breath away, a full ‘fog’. My husband behind me saw ‘it’ too;

“Oh my GOD what (the F) is happening!!?”

“Get out of here, lets go – NOW!!”

“What the HELL wife?”

“I will tell you when we get out, WALK”

 Coming in on the Left The 'Fog'

We quickly walked – I didn’t want to trip or bang into any headstones – it was SO DARK. We stood outside the gates for a moment, panting from fear, discussing what had happened and what we just saw…

Additional photos in the slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can follow this tour by heading to the ‘8 Country EU Tour‘ section. Many more photos of Edinburgh, Scotland at the Habitual Runaway on Facebook.


4 responses to “Spooked at Greyfriars

    • Oh thank you – Greyfriars is incredibly fascinating – and I would have to agree that it is haunted – ACTUALLY haunted! I can’t wait to go back! =)


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