Alford and Kildrummy


Alford Aberdeenshire, population estimated at 2,000, is about 1/2 way between Craigievar castle and Kildrummy castle gardens.

We stopped in for a bit to use their public bathrooms, located in a converted train station, and decided to take a little walking tour. May as well see it while we were there, we thought – our philosophy, I’d say.

There is definitely a shortage of trees as you get closer to the highlands, and it starts to become noticeable in and around Alford.

The homes and businesses are all made from local stone, and from the same era – the 1600’s according to Wikipedia.

The main street and surrounding environs, look as though they haven’t changed a whole lot since development – nearly 400 years ago.

Watchmakers Lane, Alford

The road along the way to Kildrummy castle Gardens was at times very narrow and walled.

A combination that surely made sense when the main method of transport was horseback or foot. Not so good when the road is barely a lane wide at points, without turn outs or shoulders.

We would discover that this was something we would simply have to get used to.

Road to Kildrummy

Generally, our road ways in Canada are very wide, especially in the prairies, though not so much in major cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

I had to check my notes to see what time it was when we arrived at Kildrummy – after 11pm. It sure looked creepy in the dark moonlight as we approached.

Kildrummy in the Dark

There was a reception happening, with lots of formally dressed guests, so we avoided the main hall area. Instead we wandered the ruins, in the  dark, darkness. Our hair was raised!

Kildrummy is a 13th century ruined castle, abandoned in 1716 following the failure of the Jacobite rebellion. Kildrummy has a fascinating history that includes a tale of valour from 1335.

Tower Along the Way

There had been many battles, but on this particular occasion Christina Bruce, left alone at the castle, held off attackers until her husband, Sir Andrew Moray came to her rescue.

We toured the grounds until well after midnight, though admittedly we were still too spooked out from our Greyfriars experience to venture too far off of the well beaten path!

At almost 1am, we decided it was time to drive out to find a spot to pull over for a nap.

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To follow this trip head to the ‘8 Country EU Tour‘ section. Enjoy many more photos of Scotland at the Habitual Runaway on Facebook.


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