The Loch Ness

Premium Whiskey

We made it to the Clansman Hotel before starving to death, parked the car and literally ran in for lunch. Without thinking, we ordered some drinks.

The husband had to have a guiness, and a whiskey, and I only like one drink – a ‘bloody mary‘. Caesars are quite popular here in Canada – but I am allergic to the clam juice.

Happy Traveller

It would later be pointed out by our server that I was in the wrong territory for a ‘bloody mary’, something I hadn’t thought about before ordering!

Server; You like that?

Me; Oh yes, it is delicious, thank you.

Server; Not something we make around here – you know – bloody mary n’ all. Ballsy of you to order.

Me; Or perhaps just ignorant? My sincere apologies, but please tell the bartender it is the best bloody mary I have ever had….

I could tell she was actually irritated when she walked to the back to inform the bartender. This would go down as one of the times I learned to watch my cultural references.

Guiness & Bloody Mary

The ‘offensive’ bloody Mary…

In Canada, a bloody mary is just a yummy drink. Most of us don’t think for two seconds about the Queen that once horrified her opponents here in this Jacobite region.

The place wasn’t too busy, the food was delicious, and the drinks VERY strong.

Overlooking the Loch Ness

We don’t drink much at home, but we can handle one or two (or three) without getting silly – the same apparently does NOT apply for Scottish alcoholic beverages.

VERY STRONG. Both the hub and I were drunk by the time our meal ended. Yes my bloody mary was a double – but really – drunk off of two drinks? Ridiculous!

Jacobites - In Case You Didn't Know

We actually napped in the car for four hours after our meal.

Hilariously we were parked right beside the entry doors to the Clansman Hotel and when we awoke, our windows were fogged and security was directing people around us. I

t was very busy, and the parking lot was full.

When we got out of the car, the guard had a little laugh at us. We told him we had gotten so drunk off of two Scottish drinks that we had to sleep it off before we even tried to cross the street to the Loch – and we weren’t kidding!!

Under Ol Nessie

He said he ‘figured so’ and that it was not an uncommon occurrence.

The tunnel, that goes under the roadway to the loch, is murralled with Jacobite references and a statue of Nessie stands at its entrance along with a few bunches of Scotland‘s national ‘flower’, the thistle (I love that)..


We had a drunken stand at the loch, took a few pictures and had a giggle at ourselves. No, we didn’t see the Loch Ness Monster.

2 Drunks at the Loch

We knew we still had a few hours to wait before driving, so we figured we would check out the gift shop (in detail!), and have another meal at the lower level cafe – some coffee and sandwiches.

We also took another nap!

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To follow this trip head to the ‘8 Country EU Tour‘ section. Enjoy many more photos of Scotland at the Habitual Runaway on Facebook.


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