Scotland – The Notes


It was not my first time to Scotland, and it will not be my last. If I could, I would pick up my life here in Canada and move to Scotland, in a heartbeat – without hesitation!

I love the landscape, the weather (yes, I do!), the history and the people.

I have never had a single issue while travelling through Scotland (knock on wood) – of course I am not counting the confusion of language barriers – but is that really an issue?

Day 10

I think ‘an issue’ is being detained on suspicion of counterfeiting Euros while conducting a University tour through new EU member, Slovakia (yes, it happened)!


Or getting arrested on suspicion of shoplifting in France (I am sure I mentioned that one before).

Day 11

How about being accosted by local authorities who pushed into my room, on suspicion of having an unregistered T.V. in Klagenfurt Austria – that scared me too! THOSE are ‘issues‘.

A language barrier is just a quirk, if you ask me!

I always say, to anyone who asks, that if they travel to only one place, it should be Scotland. Why? Money plays into that statement a bit – Scotland is only slightly more expensive that Canada.

Drunken Ferry

And the locals bear significant weight on that assertion as well. Scotland is a friendly country – from top to bottom and at each corner – the locals were kind, funny, accommodating and conversational (even when we couldn’t understand them!).

Often when on excursion, I find the local people to be a bit negative toward travellers. I have to admit that it is possible that I myself have been outwardly annoyed and impatient with travellers visiting Canada (shame on me!).

Hostels Scotland Ireland

Not ever has this happened to me, or anyone I have personally spoken to, in Scotland (another knock on wood!).

And of course there are the castles. I know the Scots are generally not impressed by their historical architecture (as we Canadians are generally not impressed by our trees and forests), but I have yet to meet a non European traveller that wasn’t blown away by the castles, manor homes, stone circles and major historical references – including myself.

The National Trust for Scotland’s volunteers preserve, re-establish and repair the castles, manor homes and significant ruins.

My (Scottish) Mum and I have thought about volunteering ourselves. If you are in decent health and have some free holiday time, why not look into it?

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9 responses to “Scotland – The Notes

  1. I often dream of life abroad, somewhere with lots of sunshine mainly, however I am continually drawn back to my home country. I love it here, and it’s so good to read someone else’s positive opinions on the country!


    • Oh yes, drawn back indeed. I just think it’s perfect everything about it – and I keep visiting expecting to ‘face reality’ just to love it more and more. Yay Scotland! 😛


  2. Ho Ana Ela love those bits in your diary lolol what a great record ! Now tell me with your Scottish leanings … are you going to celebrate Burns Night soon 😉
    Ode to the Haggis et al …


    • Oh yes Poppy – we have yearly Burns Night celebrations here in Canada that we often attend! I have to admit to only ever trying vegetarian haggis though (cheating, right?!).


  3. We hope to visit a friend in Scotland this year. It will be my first time and I can’t wait. I do struggle with the Scottish accent somewhat but I’ve found that most of them find this funny and do their best so I understand.


    • I think you will love it – and YES Scots are generally very gracious and patient about helping one understand their dialect – I have also had many ‘thick brogue’ jokes played on me!


      • Recently in a pub in London one Scot realized I was struggling understanding him. He developed a little game to see if I was following the story. Normally this would annoy the heck out of me–but he was so funny and nice about it and lets face it we were in a pub. Drinks and humor help any situation.


        • Now that would indeed be VERY annoying if carried out by anyone but a Scot, I say! I love the accent – and the wry humour – can’t wait to hear about your tour!


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