Runaway *Top 10 See and Do* BERLIN, Germany

Banhoff Potsdamer Platz - The Wall

Artistic slabs of the wall at the transit station, Berlin.


According to the Habitual Runaway 

1. Find the Berlin Wall.

2. Make your way to Potsdamer Platz, once the busiest metropolitan intersection in all of Europe.

3. Stand under the Brandenburg Gates.

4. Sit on the steps of the Reichstag – just PLEASE don’t pose for any (illegal, disrespectful) heil salutes.

5. Trudge through the Holocaust Monument. Preferably at night.

6. Dance the night away at one of (East) Berlin’s popular night clubs.

7. Visit the Tiergarten and revel in its royal history.

8. Check out Checkpoint Charlie and the adjacent museum.

9. Enjoy a stroll through Mauer Park. Listen to local music, shop the local market.

10. Walk Unter den Linden (‘under the lime trees’) – a conveniently located famous street, with lots of historical stuff on it.

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6 responses to “Runaway *Top 10 See and Do* BERLIN, Germany

  1. Think we only missed out the popular night club scenario Ana Ela 😉
    It is a vibrant historical City to be sure !


    • I was too old and tired this round (LOL!), but went a few years ago – some of them are old bomb shelters and have quite a history of their own. Something to write about later! 😉


    • Oh thank you :)! One of the greatest things about Berlin is that everything is centrally located – so much history to take in, you will love it!


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