The Littlest Runaway

Jack in a Bag

We lost the oldest member of our Runaway team this weekend. Jack died (after a sad night of suffering) from apparent heart failure on Saturday.

Jack was not a ‘normal’ dog. I adopted him January 1st 2006, as a senior of undetermined age. Around 8 to 10, they said. A violent, hardened street dog, missing an eye from battle and with a few broken ribs – likely from the same cause.

It took about two years of ‘heavy labour’ to (mostly) correct his hostile tendencies. Surely once needed for survival as a 6 lb homeless city dog, living beside the McDonalds dumpster.

He loved bags and getting dressed up. I would have never thought about doing such things until he tried to climb into my purse the first time. Indeed he would get very excited when his bag (pictured above) would come out.

Someone once loved him before he was lost to the streets. But not as much as I did for the years he lived with us.

What Jack did best was travel. On the bike, in a plane, car, boat – whatever – he loved it. I took him to Thailand with me for the year I lived there. He handled the 36 hour transit without incident, and when we would drive the 12 hours to visit my sister, he would sleep on my lap the whole time.

There was nothing you couldn’t do with Jack. He was special.

So now that he is gone, and his ashes sit on our bookshelf, our little family will take some time to mourn – and then we will get back to it.

We miss you Jack <3. The house is very quiet without you.

(One-Eyed) Jack ‘Hoover’ Rhodes 1996-8? – March 16 2013

44 responses to “The Littlest Runaway

    • You are so right. I was ready for it, as he had been falling apart for the past year – but it didn’t make it easier. A lot harder than I thought actually. Ugh. Thank you πŸ™‚


    • Isn’t that so funny? I really would have never thought – but he LOVED it. Loved being carried in his bag – which came in handy as he got older and couldn’t do as much walking. Yes, so sad.

      Bertik – such a cute name!


      • Maybe as Fanda is also getting older he preferred being carried … Fanda’s “real name” is Tiffany, Fanda is Czech shortage, and Bertik in fact is Hubert :-). Their mother was Tabitha and we called her Tabinka.


  1. We are so sorry about your loss. It has been 3 years since we lost our dog and we are just now getting ready to find us another one.


    • Oh yes, they just so become a part of you, don’t they? I am still not entirely over the dog I lost in 2000!!

      Someone asked me yesterday if I was out dog shopping yet – I too can’t imagine getting another right now – can’t bear the thought actually!

      Thank you :).


    • I know – he was saucy that little guy. people would always ask to pet him & laugh when I would answer ‘at your own risk’….but it was true!


  2. I can’t imagine how much it hurts to lose such a wonderful friend. My deepest sympathy to you and yours. I’m glad he was rescued and found such a loving home that dedicate so much time and love to him.


  3. What a little darling… the dogs we rescue are so precious, and they love us in a different way to more fortunate dogs. It’s always a misery to let them go, and it’s as painful as family member dying. I felt the same after each of our seventeen rescued dogs ( three at a time) left us, and swore never again… but there was always another one wanting a home as the perfect moment…
    But nothing replaces a beloved pet… they are always unique. I hope your soreness eases, but it always takes time…


    • OMGoodness – 17! That is a heap of pets and a lot of rescuing! How wonderful of you and your family to provide that ‘service’.

      I guess that is part of the balance – all that joy and companionship comes with a painful end. Life!


  4. One-eyed Jack was a fighter, a survivor, a traveller, a character… such a lovely beast! So sorry he is no longer with you physically but I know he’ll live on in your memories. Take care.


  5. What a beautiful story, Ana, about a remarkable dog. I was interested to read you lived in Thailand. I lived there a couple of times during the 1990s. How was quarantine to get Jack back to Canada? I know Australian friends who had to spend a fortune to take their job back to Melbourne from Bangkok. I think he had to go to Hawaii!


    • Because Canada and Thailand have similar animal diseases and such, there was no quarantine to bring Jack back- which I found surprising. Apparently the issue is rabies, and because Canada and Thailand both have rabies, there is no reason for quarantine – though it did cost me a fortune to bring him back – not much to get THERE (about $350 CAD) but almost 2 grand to bring him back…gah!


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