Runaway *Top 10 See and Do* AMSTERDAM, Holland

Fleamarket, Waterlooplein, Amsterdam

Fleamarket – Waterlooplein, Amsterdam

Top 10 ‘See and Do’ – AMSTERDAM, Holland

According to the Habitual Runaway

1. Walk alongside a few of the the 165 canals. Enjoy the gorgeous architecture and often unique businesses. Visit in the winter and you can skate the frozen waterways after a nice hot cocoa at a local cafe. Or, you can take the canal bus in the warmer months.

2. When in Holland – rent a bike! There are many places to do so, and you will be impressed by the bike lanes. Many of them even have (cute bicycle shaped) stop lights. Cycling is the best way to get around the city, as the locals will tell you. You can rent a bike almost anywhere – there seems to be a rental shop on every corner.

3. Watch a live band. Amsterdam is famous for its music scene. Indeed, Hollanders figure themselves to be pretty cool in this regard. Check out the Melkweg (a former milk factory) or the Paradiso. There is an avid jazz scene happening in Amsterdam too – Bimhuis is a pretty popular spot.

4. Visit the Rijksmuseum, it houses the largest collection of art from the 15th century on – 40 Rembrandt’s, and the building itself is stunning. The Van Gogh museum is quite impressive too.

5. Peek at the red light district. You can’t come to Amsterdam without taking a look. It is safe – though perhaps a little awkward! The architecture is stunning, 14th century – there is a lot to look at – just don’t take any photos!

6. Head to Vondelpark. A beautiful, popular spot that is worth a few photos and some time spent people watching.

7. Watch people pass by, enjoy a drink at one of the local cafe/bars – central to Dutch life. There are many popular locations – Twee Zwaantjes,  Wynand Fockink and Kamer 401 are a few you can rely on to be bustling and friendly.

8. Visit the Anne Frank House, but do so on a rainy Wednesday, as soon as they open or just before they close. The line up for entrance can stretch around the block.

9. Check out the flea market. Noordermarkt and Waterlooplein are both popular with locals. Lots of good junk – and it is an interesting way to see inside the lives of the local Dutch.

10. Eat some fries with mayo – Dutch style! There are many vendors downtown and of course this is popular restaurant fare too.

To read about the Runaway travels to Amsterdam Holland, check out the ‘8 Country EU Tour‘, or head to the Netherlands/Holland section.

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