Hitting the Beaches

Beach Near the Farm

After our Historic Kilby tour, we headed down the country road to the local beach. It was hot out, and the adjacent campground was completely full.

I was surprised by this, as it was barely the end of March – but we all get excited when the sun is shining.

Near Harrison Mills Valley Farmland

I also didn’t expect to find a gorgeous sandy beach in the middle of farm land! The ‘Kilby Provincial Park‘ beach and campground has been a popular stop for fishing, swimming and boating since 1870.

There were a succession of sawmills operating in the area that provided local traffic, until about 1910.

Sandy Beach

We didn’t stay at the beach for too long – it was too hot! But we did stop long enough to put our toes in the sand. We aren’t really beach people anyway, but if we were – this would be the place to be.

We hopped back into the truck and headed to neighbouring town Harrison Hot Springs.

Harrison does have natural hot springs, that can only be accessed via public pool or one of the downtown hotels. Because of this, I have not come in contact with the hot springs here.

I prefer a more natural element for my hot spring enjoyment – and there are lots of places in BC to have that experience.

Jims Seat Jim in Harrison

We have visited Harrison many times in the past, so we knew this time would be quick. We parked alongside the beach and took Jim out for a walk.

As a town, Harrison lacks appeal for me – though it can’t be denied that it has incredible natural beauty. Its glacier filled lake is an incredible natural wonder in itself.

The primary buildings downtown were all constructed in what I like to call the ‘wrong era’. Not attractive, no special detailing – nothing much to look at. Though there are fantastic trails to hike, and plenty of summer (and winter) sports to enjoy, none of those options appeal to me!

Beautiful View Harrison

On our last visit, we rented bikes to tour the town and found that after travelling every road available, we couldn’t even use the bikes for the time we paid for. We dropped them off early.

Plus we found it to be horribly embarrassing!

Anchored in Harrison Bike Rentals

Regardless, if we are passing by, we always have to make a stop in Harrison to people watch the tourists, check out a few of the fantastic events often hosted here, and grab an overpriced drink.

The next leg of our tour would take us somewhere completely opposite – the historic town of Yale.

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Follow this trip by heading to the ‘Summer to Winter Tour‘ section. Many more photos at the Habitual Runaway on Facebook.


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