Runaway *Top 10 See and Do* BRUSSELS, Belgium

Floral carpet on the Grand Place in B...

Floral carpet on the Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

TOP 10 (60% FREE!) ‘SEE AND DO’ – BRUSSELS, Belgium

According to the Habitual Runaway 

1. Obviously you need to see the Grand Place. I forbid you to go anywhere near Brussels without doing so! If you can make it out in August for the ‘Floral Carpet’ (and don’t mind the heavy tourist traffic) – do so!

2. Say hi to the famed Manneken Pis. You can read about him here.

3. Happen upon the Galleries St. Hubert and enjoy the gorgeous architecture – even if you don’t buy a thing.

4. Ghent, developed and popular in the middle ages, is only about 40 minutes from Brussels and well worth a visit. The architecture is old and stunning, the people young and friendly, and the poutine delicious! You can read more about our tour in Ghent, here and here.

5. Sample some chocolate, after all Belgium is famous for it. You can find places to sample everywhere (like the location pointed out above in #3), and I doubt you could go wrong with any selection.

6. Walk Brussels. There are many tours available that will fill you up with local history, or you can take your own visual tour as you randomly head down main and side streets – just take a map so you can get lost and find your way back! Be sure to check out the ‘comic strip’, graffiti found in areas around the downtown.

7. Visit Mini-Europe. Ok, it’s no secret that I like little things, and what could be better than a miniature Europe? If you can’t see it all in one visit and happen to be in Brussels, this is a decent place to quell your Euro needs.

8. Our Lady of Laeken Church is a gorgeous, ornate memorial to Queen Louise-Marie and worth a visit – even if you don’t go inside. The view of Brussels from its front steps is quite spectacular.

9. St. Mary’s Royal Church is located in a very ‘real’ part of Brussels, the municipality of Schaerbeek– just outside the bustle of the regular tourist filled locations. It has a beautiful, unique starred dome, completed in 1885, and merits a few photographs. Currently it is used as a concert venue, and would surely be outstanding during a show.

10. The Congress Column is located in a derelict section of Brussels, and worth a visit just to catch another side of the beautiful, historic city. King Leopold I would really appreciate the company as well. You can read more about this location, a little corner of ‘Belgian dilapidation’ here.

To read about the Runaway travels to Brussels Belgium, check out the ‘8 Country EU Tour‘, or head to the Belgium section.

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