Runaway *Recommendations* BRUSSELS, Belgium


Mannekin Pis Footie Fan

If I had a good experience at a local business during my travels, I am going to tell you about it!

1. FOOD: The Delerium Cafe -Impasse De La Fidelite 4 A, Brussels, Belgium.

If you want (cheapish) beer (I say ick to beer – but it holds the world record for selection!), and if you are looking for some interesting decor and friendly English speakers, this is certainly one of the places to be.

2. HOSTEL: Hostel Grand Place – Haringstraat 6-8, Brussels.

Clean – really clean – and located at the foot of everything, this is a hostel I can highly recommend.

3. FOOD: Le Funambule Waffles – Rue de l’étuve 42 1000 Brussels.

Located walking distance from Manneken Pis, this waffle shop has been in operation since 1867, and truly they have the most delicious waffles I have ever tasted!

Unfortunately, I have had a few negative experiences in Brussels – particularly in restaurants located within the tourist district. Grumpy attitudes, bills that don’t match our orders, and general disregard have plagued my visits.


Thank you Ingrid D for your suggestion!

‘Check out the pubs and restaurants near the Congress Column; they are cheaper and staff is a lot friendlier!’

If you are a resident with suggestions, or have had an excellent experience either at a hostel, hotel, restaurant or the like, please fill out the form below and help us continue our list!

To read about the Runaway travels to Brussels, check out the ‘8 Country EU Tour‘, or head to the Belgium section.

3 responses to “Runaway *Recommendations* BRUSSELS, Belgium

  1. Oooh, I will add the waffle shop to our must-do list. That sounds delightful. I figure with 14 days planned to be in Belgium I can have a belgian waffle and a belgian chocolate every day. And we will be walking everywhere so I can walk it all off!


    • oooOOh 14 days – fantastic! Waffles every morning for breakfast and chocolate to follow – sounds like a REAL holiday! Dreamy – and absolutely you will do enough walking to burn off any extra. It really is spectacular there….


  2. Ana Ela,
    This adventure sounds great. I have never been to Belgium but hope to make it back to Europe someday soon and will definitely utilize your tips. All the best on all your travels and thanks for stopping by my blog. Be well. -alexander johnny


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