Runaway *Recommendations* PARIS, France

English: The Seine and 7th arrondissement as seen from the Eiffel Tower. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I had a good experience at a local business during my travels, I am going to tell you about it!

1. FOOD: The Donair shop on Quai Branly.

Located across from the Eiffel Tower (mentioned in this post), this donair shop was not just a fantastic place to eat, but the owners and staff were incredibly friendly, the prices reasonable, and the food fresh and delicious. Even if you don’t like donairs, you will find something you crave here. You can see the restaurant from the Eiffel Tower.

As is my experience in many major tourist centres, my positive exploits with business in greater Paris is limited. I did however, have a number of positive experiences worth mentioning outside Paris, during my visits to the rest of France;

2. FOOD: La Poivriere, Boulogne Sur Mer

Located on an incredibly beautiful, historic, pedestrian only main street, the atmosphere, price, friendliness and quality of the food here cannot be beat. Read about our experience here.

3. HOTEL: Ibis, Boulogne Sur Mer

With views of the local castle and walled medieval city, affordable prices, friendly, helpful staff and clean rooms, we will definitely stay at this location again when we make a return visit to Boulogne.

If you are a resident of Paris with suggestions, or have had an excellent experience either at a hostel, hotel, restaurant or the like, please fill out the form below and help us fill out our list!

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Your thoughts;

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