Jungle Ants

Thai Jungle Ants Love Pepsi

Click to view the horrific ‘Thai Jungle Ants Love Pepsi‘ video!

I spent the day uploading my first videos to YouTube. I found some of my time in Thailand. Remember this from my last post?

I also discovered that Thai Pepsi is the best, still made with sugar cane (instead of corn syrup) – just drink it quick. Having it anywhere near you sends a beacon out to the jungle!

Well, I found the video to prove the above statement! I had finished my Pepsi and taken a bathroom break. The above video is what I returned to 5 MINUTES LATER!


Funny, I take videos of just about every where I go and hadn’t thought to share them until today. Duh!

You can find me at YouTube here.

You can follow this trip by heading to the ‘Living In Thailand‘ section, or you can enjoy many more photos of Thailand by heading to the Habitual Runaway on Facebook.

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