Thai Scorpion

Thai Scorpion

Another scorpion in the house. Click the image to watch the video!

Scorpions, like all other jungle creatures, were always desperately trying to get into the house. My hosts had pet dogs (very uncommon in this part of the world), and so when this big guy came in (an Asian forest scorpion), I had to remove him while the dogs were held away.

I got the broom and swept him into the dust pan and took him outside, across the street to hang out with the jungle frogs (heart pounding violently the whole time). You know he was back in the house within three minutes?!

I repeated the process two more times and each time, the scorpion just turned around and CAME BACK IN. Finally we called my hosts husband to save us from the determined creature.

This forest scorpion, who is much larger than the last, is also less dangerous. The smaller brown version will make an entire Thai family flee – I have seen it myself before. Two adults, all children carried (big ones too!), running as far away from the teeny brown scorpion as possible. That’s because the little guy is incredibly deadly. The Thais say;

‘He bi(te), you die’.

This big black guy, though still poisonous, is less lethal – and if stung you have a few minutes to seek help. You may only lose a limb or appendage from the poison – as opposed to your life.

When my host was growing up, if a black scorpion entered into the house, his Father would remove the stinger and the boys would play with the arthropod all day.

The video above shows my host reliving his childhood, playing with the scorpion. He did not remove the stinger, and so what he is doing is quite dangerous (not to mention horrifying!).

No scorpions were hurt in the filming of this video! As a matter of fact, when we put him back outside again – he actually came back in – AGAIN – and this time he looked ready to fight!

In the end we walked him a distance down the block and dropped him off in an abandoned jungle lot. He must have been happy there, because he did not return (that night at least!).

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5 responses to “Thai Scorpion

    • They are fascinating, indeed! This big scorpion brought the 8 year old girl out of me. I was squealing (out of fear), sweaty and shaking. I really didn’t like him that much. Kinda scary looking! NOT cute! But what a fascinating, unusual creature….


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