Re-Rating Revelstoke


Here I am! Back from our epic mountain tour. Full of bug bites and rashes, a little worse for wear – and of course, entirely exhausted! I need to sleep for a week.

View from the Valley

I never tire of the drive through the valley and into the mountains. I am inspired every time I reach the Chilliwack/Abbotsford area. I love the way the mountains dive into the flat valley, once a prehistoric river.

The view is incredible.

Passing Hope

The drive from the GVRD (greater Vancouver regional district) to Revelstoke is about 6 1/2 hours. As is the norm in the province of British Columbia, the landscape changes dramatically along the way.

Mountains in the Distance

Large flat areas with panoramic mountain views in the Chilliwack/Abbotsford valley area leading to the mountain surrounded Hope. The desert landscape of Merritt and Kamloops, followed by a drive back into the wild, wet, wintry mountains surrounding Revelstoke.

We arrived late in the night and were greeted by incredible waves of bright green northern lights. Try as I did, my (bottom of the line crap) camera was unable to capture anything in the darkness.

Revelstoke Route

Though I had passed by on the Trans Canada Highway plenty of times, I had never before crossed the bear monument into downtown Revelstoke. To do so would mean making an intentional stop, and until this tour, Revelstoke had never made it onto the destinations list.

I have to admit, I thought it was going to be a dumpy industrial town full of lumberjacks and drunken rednecks (no offence meant to the inebriated hillbillies & loggers – particularly those in my own family!).

I was blissfully surprised to find a small town with heaps of character, both in its architecture and its people.

Downtown Revelstoke

An interesting combination of industry/granola types – a new breed of hippy logger lives here – a combination that could not have co-existed historically. Some obvious artists, a few business people, a decent share of wealth and a gorgeous view – Revelstoke is a fully established community on its own accord.

The city of about 7,000 is situated on the banks of the Columbia River, and is considered to be within the outer limits of the district of the Shuswap.

Revestoke Fish

The town motto is evident everywhere; ‘Work hard, play hard’. We arrived during a perfect example. It was raining, grey, and a little bit cold. That did not stop the market or the show & shine car show.

People came out in droves. Girls dressed to the nines in their best pseudo 50’s attire. Elderly couples holding hands, young children, pets. No one seemed to notice the rain.

Revelstoke Farmers Market













In Vancouver, if a car show is rained out, you notice. Only a fraction of the expected crowd will show up.

It seemed most of the town was here.

Revelstoke Blues Brothers

50’s era music blasted on the loud speakers, snacks were being served in multiple locations, photo shoots took place – I was impressed. Not bad for a town of less than 10,000.

Revelstoke Old Cars

On our way out back to ‘Noah’s Ark Resort’, our home for the week, we stopped to refuel and happened upon this big guy.

Moth Eyes Revelstoke

This polyphemus moth had approximately a six inch wing span, and a pair of giant eyes on his back for defence. There aren’t many of these around my place in the lower mainland!

We would certainly see more things we were not expecting during our week of mountain exploration. Bears are monumental-ized all over this area, and we would inevitably find out why!

Additional photos in the slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can follow this trip by heading to the β€˜Mountain Retreatβ€˜ section, or you can enjoy many more photos of British Columbia by heading to the Habitual Runaway on Facebook.



7 responses to “Re-Rating Revelstoke

  1. Ancient river, love it! Mountains and river valleys go hand in hand. I love the geologic aspect of mountain ranges. Amazing the town is so large considering how far north it is. Great post as always!


    • Gee, I never thought of it that way – it is quite big for being so isolated. Really beautiful…and it smelled good too! Fresh! Thanks John πŸ™‚


    • You are welcome & thanks for reading ;). It is an under rated area for sure – even I had the wrong impression. I could live there! (I do say that about most places I visit..LOL).


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