Noah’s Ark Resort

Playground In Front

Noah’s Ark Resort is located about 30km west of Revelstoke.

We chose to stay here simply because it was (approximately) the halfway point between my home near Vancouver  and my sisters home in central Alberta (and it bears the same name as my only child!).

Noah's Ark Resort Cabins At Noah's Ark

We were all pleasantly surprised by the fantastic combination of hospitality, amenity convenience (laundry, a store, free showers and bathrooms), low cost and generosity shown by our American hosts.

They even remembered all of our names, and were ready for conversation whenever we would venture down to the main building – but they did not hover or make themselves a nuisance (as my husband pointed out).

The Ark Being Built

Free coffee or tea in the morning, popcorn handed out every night, and (mostly) delicious frozen yoghurt from the Ark (I didn’t like the chocolate flavour).

Playground In Front

Under construction during our visit, the Ark is actually a boat that is being re-faced. It can be seen from the adjacent Trans Canada Highway – which I suppose is the point!

There is a playground in front and a sand pit for the kids.

Noah's Ark Frozen Yoghurt

You could keep yourself entertained without even leaving the site.

A few great trails to hike (or cycle, as we did), and an epic view. My sister figured there was a lot to do in the area, but that is only because she is from rural Alberta (where there is all but nothing to do – have you been to Drayton Valley?).

There was a bit to do in the surrounding area – enough to keep you busy for a long weekend if you take your time.

Taking Photos Views Of Noah's Ark

Downsides? Relentless, violent no-see-ums, and heaps of grotty huge black slugs.

There was slug slime on the bottom of every available surface. On our shoes (my flip flops – blech!), under the legs of chairs, on our car and bike tires – slug guts everywhere.

Black Slugs


Jim certainly enjoyed his first camping tour!

He had more freedom than he is used to, though we still have to keep him leashed (mostly) as he is perfect prey size (did I mention an owl swooped to take him for lunch on a city walk not long ago?).


He requested his own chair. He was obviously feeling like a big boy and did not want to sit with his parents. Which often left one of us standing, ridiculous!

Jims Own Chair

So, if you find yourself in BC travelling the Trans Canada Highway near Revelstoke, and are looking for a decent place to stay, you can join the many who take advantage of the full function cabins at the resort that cost less than the price of a hotel room.

Or you can take the opportunity to stay a while as we did, and enjoy some fantastic mountain hospitality.

Many additional photos in the slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can follow this trip by heading to the ‘Mountain Retreat‘ section, or you can enjoy many more photos of British Columbia by heading to the Habitual Runaway on Facebook.


12 responses to “Noah’s Ark Resort

  1. Jim is a handsome little dude! The slugs are so gross, no way. And the bugs, one of many reasons we love the desert life. Love the mountain scenery. 🙂


    • I know – isn’t Jim adorable? He is smart too ;).

      Oddly enough I don’t have a bug issue down here on the water either – I expected it to be horrendous, but I guess because of the tidal action, there is very little spawning.

      Spoiled we are! I dislike bugs – very much. They can really ruin my day! And the slugs were no picnic either!


  2. We’ll have to watch for the ark next time we are on the Trans-Can.
    (By the way, Drayton has a Tim Hortons…..and amateur rodeo….saw the poster up by our cabin last weekend! LOL!)


  3. Looks like a blast. I love these kinds of unique, independently-owned, out of the way places. Thanks for sharing. I hope I can make it there sometime 🙂


    • Oh yes, me too – unique independently owned places are on the top of my list. It was a pleasure staying there! If the opportunity comes up – you should take it! 🙂


    • Jim IS a cutie – he was given to us (as a shaky runt no one else wanted) – we feel very lucky to have him! (& eeew slugs! What is their point?!!)


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