Thessalon, On The Huron

Lake Huron

Our next stop, for reasons based on hunger alone, would be the small town of Thessalon.


Located on the shores of Lake Huron, Thessalon is a small town of just over a thousand, placed beautifully along the impressive lake, its 6,157 km of shoreline, and estimated 30,000 rocky, green islands.

More than a thousand shipwrecks have been recorded in Lake Huron. Perhaps the most famous occurred during a violent storm that raged on for 16 hours in 1913.

More than 200 were killed, 10 ships sank and 20 were smashed into shore.

So many ships lay under the surface of Huron, that the government has created a National Marine Sanctuary where you can get glass bottom boat tours of more than 116 historically significant sunken ships ranging from old wooden side-wheelers to steel hulled steamers.

Before deciding on a place to stop and eat, we decided to take a driving tour up and down a few local roads.

 Abandoned Thessalon


By this point in our Ontario trip, we were not surprised by what we saw. Thessalon, like the rest of rural Northern Ontario, looks as though it has seen better days.

Private Suite


Abandoned architecture was the prevailing sight of interest, plentiful and haunting.

 Inside the HotelThe Sink

Judging by the number of hotels that had fallen into disuse, it looked like Thessalon was a place people used to stop.

Unusual Bavarian style buildings along the main road into town suggested that tourism was once an economic support.

Bavarian Style Abandoned Thessalon


There are a few Thessalon points of interest to mention; more than one hockey great was raised here, and a few even stayed or came back.

Additionally, the first woman to ever use the battered women’s defence for murder (in Canada), Angelina Napolitano, also called Thessalon home for a time.

Shoreview Restaurant Thessalon


We decided to get some take out food from the Shoreview Restaurant. The Shoreview did have a great view of the lake, which made up for their unprepared-ness. I had to assume they had a lot of regular diners, and a lot of routine. Certainly they did not have all that was needed for a proper take-out meal.

I hardly remembered that issue though, as I was more taken aback by the fact that the owner of the Shoreview (for the last 8 years he said) DID NOT KNOW WHICH SHORE HE WAS ON!!

No, really. My husband went in to get the food and while waiting he struck up a small-talk conversation. Being from BC (and unfamiliar with Ontario), and never remembering a thing I say (because he isn’t really listening), he asked the owner if he knew what lake we were on.

The owner replied:

‘Gee, I am not really sure actually, I am from Southern Ontario.’

Huh? Owner of the Shoreview, I am calling you out! Your grilled cheese was ok, no complaints, but I REALLY think that 8 years is long enough to figure out which lake you are on….!

Additional photos in the slideshow.

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Follow this tour by heading to the ‘Crossing Canada‘ section, or go to the Habitual Runaway on Facebook for more photos.

To be continued…

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