Goodbye Floaty Life, Hello Country Living

Along The Dock

I have been quite enjoying the yard here at Reid Manor. Quite a change from the distinct lack of land that the floaty home had to offer. Sometimes I find myself just standing on the property, taking in the views. So, I thought I would share some photos with you.

I almost slipped off the dock (pictured above) yesterday in the rain – you’d think I’d know better – having just lived in a marina!

Manor Country Side Manor Country

The temperatures have started to cool and I can feel fall setting in. The trees are showing signs now too.

Pictured below is the entrance to ‘our wing’, where I spend a significant amount of time sitting and contemplating while listening to the creek flow, coyotes (wolves?) howl, roosters crow and birds sing.

Entry To Our Wing

I also am fortunate to have a variety of spaces I can choose to write in. Currently I sit in the space pictured below. Quite lovely, thank you.

Takes the sting off of giving up our floaty home – a bit.

Writing Corner

Speaking of which, I haven’t posted a picture of the floaty home here yet, so to remedy that, I dug one up. It was a fantastic experience while we lived there. Unique – not something I will soon forget.

A stolen boat crashed into us, a violent storm ripped us off the dock, we lived through a winter without heat, we almost died in the ocean on our tiny boat, we made friends with heron, otters, a beaver, swans, a seal – and a pile of random (interesting) people.

It was good.

The Floaty Home

I am interested to see where life brings us next – onward and (hopefully) upward!

Additional photos in the slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

9 responses to “Goodbye Floaty Life, Hello Country Living

    • Thank you, John :).

      I still have more to put on the site that I didn’t get around to, so I think I will (eventually) do a few more updates at the very least.

      Now that I am not there, I can talk about the CONS to floaty living too…I had to remain in denial before!! 😛


    • We are indeed enjoying the new space. It was hard to let go of the floaty home though…our new place will allow us more $$ & time for travel though – so I am not complaining!!


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