The In-Law Suite

A late bloomer...

A late bloomer in the backyard. Better late than never – indeed.

Cancer has brought me to places I never, ever thought I would go. Discovering his diagnosis set my Father on a new path. It was now time to do the things he hadn’t yet done – and time for us to gel as a family.

He moved from rural Ontario, Canada with my Mother, and purchased a home 4,200 km away in Mission, BC to be closer to us (yes, I feel special!).

If you had asked me a year ago to imagine the craziest development possible, I would not have been able to come up with this one; I am living in the in-law suite of my parents brand new home.

And I am not sure when I will be leaving.

It is beautiful here (both the home and the local natural landscape), with more sun time than my plants and I are used to. It is late November and my raspberries are still producing!

The flowers are just starting to show signs of petal dropping, and the temperatures are not yet wintry. Surprising, considering that we are nestled between the Pacific Coastal Mountain Range and the Cascades.

Most importantly though, it is nice to know we are living our family life to the absolute fullest. There will be no regrets or unfinished sagas here, and that alone is a great blessing.

All this family time is cutting into my writing!

So now, we prepare for Christmas festivities and a new exciting year of travel. Some big plans are brewing, and of course I will keep you posted!

Many additional photos in the slideshow.

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6 responses to “The In-Law Suite

  1. “There will be no regrets or unfinished sagas here, and that alone is a great blessing” … I’m glad for you. I wish your father comfort and that you all enjoy doing the things he hasn’t done yet!


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