Format Change

Please bear with us here at THR, as it is time for a format adjustment.

This site is bursting at the seams with content that is getting harder and harder to access, so it is time for a change! I will be trying a few different layouts, and whichever I choose will alter the flow of the site (hopefully for the better).

I am sure the changes will effect photo layout & formatting, so I will take the time to make those tweaks too. At 200+ posts, I will have my work cut out for me!

So, please bear with me as I make the site more reader friendly.

Thanks for your patience,

Ana 😀

13 responses to “Format Change

    • OH John – I am not having fun!!! Going over every post fixing photos & adding/removing links & making sure it all flows – *GAH*…BORING!!! (& time consuming!)…


      • Wow. Different themes will render photos and videos differently. Have you tried other themes? One of them may render your photography as you want it to be, once the theme is installed.


        • Oh yes, I tried many (kind of all of them…LOL!!). None were totally ‘perfect’, so I decided to stick with the one that worked best for the information (so I think, anyway). Happens to be one of the ones with the most associated re-formatting work too – but hopefully it will be something I only do ONCE!


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