Re-Formatting HELL

Ok, well I opened myself a big fat GROSS can of worms.

I chose a layout that works for the pile of info – BUT it re-aligns ALL of my photos (not in a good way!) & renders the format I was resizing my pics to – USELESS. It just took me almost an hour to re-format 2 posts. This makes me want to throw the whole thing in the garbage – DELETE & WALK AWAY. *AHEM*.

Having said that, the change is necessary. I am just going to have to stick to it & get it done – hopefully before the year is over!! Not fun, really, not fun.

But, on a positive note, I will be re-highlighting some of my favourite moments as I go through them.

What a disaster!! I should have done this last year when I realized it needed to be done. Now I will pay heavily for my procrastination – let this be a lesson to me!!


Painstakingly yours, Ana 🙂

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