Some New Navigation

So, I got a bit done today.

New Sidebar

In the 8 hours I spent working on THR, I managed to re-format about 12 pages – and I added a new handy way to navigate.

On the upper left is a long black sidebar. It contains links to various tours, all nicely organized for you. Hopefully this will make following tours a much easier endeavour.

I have more navigational plans that I plan on undertaking, but for now, this one is up and ready.

Only about 188 more posts to reformat!

I am cheating a little by removing some photos to make the job go a bit quicker. They are still available by viewing the slideshows at the bottom of most pages, or by clicking on individual photos through the post to flow through to the carousel (which I admit, sometimes doesn’t work!).

As well, did you know that I put many additional photos on the THR Facebook page? Well, I do! I should use Flickr (or something similar), but haven’t bothered to teach myself yet. I kinda don’t like it.

I also don’t write as much on FB, so if it is photos you are looking for – please do join me there.

Ok, that’s it for now.

Ana 😀

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