November Re-DONE!

The report;

I managed to complete another month of re-formatting *claps*. November 2012 is good to go.

Some November ’12 highlights include;

Have you noticed that often there are additional photos in the slideshow at the foot of most posts? Ever wondered why? Well, it has to do with the way that I put posts together.

First I compile any photos associated with the experience I am trying to relate, and then I write about it. I insert photos where they make sense, and where they fit. Anything left over ends up in the slideshow.

I almost always choose more photos than I use, so there are almost always extra photos in the slideshow.

This do-over business is significantly slower going than I expected! Why not check out what I have been up to?

6 responses to “November Re-DONE!

    • Oh yes, I still get goosebumps when I think about it….I certainly hope I won’t have many more experiences like that one…yikes!!

      And thank you – plugging along here…. 😉


    • I still get creeped out recalling the incident!! Might be the scariest moment of my life….I HOPE so at least – I don’t want to do THAT again!!! LOL


Your thoughts;

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