Getting Settled, Mission BC

Mountain Views Heritage Park

Views in Mission, BC.

Well it has been busy over here – outside the blogosphere. We bought our new home, moved in (and unpacked!), completed a few urgent renos – I even studied Reiki and am now a level 2 practitioner.


While I wait for my latest DIY project (the ugly fireplace) to dry before continuing, I thought I would fill you in on my current adventure.

Fireplace Before

The Ugly fireplace ‘BEFORE’

Fireplace During

The ugly fireplace ‘DURING’.

Mission BC is quite beautiful to look at. Nestled between the Pacific Coastal Mountain Range and the Cascade Range, there is a view from each direction.

A stunning view – if you like mountains, lakes and rivers.

The Long View Heritage Park

More on that later, of course. I plan to do a lot of local exploration – it is beautiful here!

There is a fantastic park not far from my residence – ‘Heritage Park’. It has a varied history, and once was occupied by an Aboriginal residential school. The foundations still remain.

Walking Trails Heritage Park

There are plenty of trails into nature worth exploring, as well as many groomed trails – and of course an epic view. There are even ‘love locks’ here.

I have not yet added mine, but will keep you posted :D.

Love Locks Heritage Park

And I haven’t even mentioned Our Lady of Lourdes yet. Named ‘the grotto’, our Lady sits perched above Mission (yes, a ‘Mission’ operated here – and there is still a functioning monastery named Westminster Abbey).

Every Easter between 5 and 7 thousand people gather here to celebrate and pay homage. I am hoping we will be able to make our way over this year.

*UPDATE* The pilgrimage doesn’t happen at Easter – it happens in August!

Our Lady of Lourdes Mission BC

I plan to learn more about this little building – its history and development. I am sure I will be pleased by what I discover.

I have yet to be disappointed by our drastic move. We put quite a distance from ourselves and ‘downtown’ (meaning Vancouver). Something we hadn’t previously considered doing.

No regrets (yet!).

Thrasher Home

Our new home has an epic yard that needs a bit of love. I can tell someone once cherished this space – but it was years ago. I estimate 6 or 7, actually.

Horribly overgrown and hiding many unusual ‘gifts’ (like the mens underwear I found in the back yard!), I know what I will be doing this summer!

Pathway to Door

Gardening, lots and lots of yard maintenance, trimming pruning and more gardening.

This is my first yard officially. I have been an ‘urban dweller’ up to this point and have not been afforded the land luxury. I am quite excited.

Overgrown Pond

And yes, I am still reformatting here…well not at this exact moment…at this exact moment I am getting back to the fireplace to slather on what I hope will be the last coat of paint!

Back to my normal schedule soon :).


Fireplace DONE

The Fireplace – DONE!

Additional photos in the slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


12 responses to “Getting Settled, Mission BC

    • Thank you! It is quite naturally beautiful over here. I definitely do not take it for granted (being from flat, industrial Ontario).

      I have started on the gardening – OMG – EPIC!!! I need the luck, for sure!! LOL


  1. Nice home Ana, and you have lots to do in cleanup. Winters are harsh on a home. Your scenery is similar to what we see around the house, with all the mountains except our mountains are mostly bare until you get to the Alpine altitudes… Our mountains are from 5000 to 12,000 feet around us. 🙂


    • Oh yes – clean up – I should say OH MY GAWD CLEAN-UP. I don’t think it has been done in YEARS. We barely made a dent this weekend! But I enjoy it so far – ask me again next year how I feel…LOL!!

      The mountains in your area are very beautiful (from what I have seen online & such & what I remember from my trip 20+ years ago!) – they kind of remind me of the highlands with their lack of trees & such.

      Very different to look at – but just as beautiful!


  2. Love your photos, such an interesting property with llittle private retreats here and there which will just be gorgeous in summer and fall. Love the fireplace too! Busy busy! Thank you for the post


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