Bussing Across Canada


I am currently writing from the seat of a Greyhound bus. Much has changed since my last bus tour – namely wifi and power outlets. I would not have expected to find both at my seat. Awesome!

Ana & Noah

We have about 3 days of travel to get from Vancouver to Toronto – which means we will arrive to our destination tired and dirty.

Sound like fun? It’s not for everyone, but with the new amenities, we may actually be able to enjoy this bus tour.

I know last year I said I would never trek across Canada again by anything other than plane, but I have a special reason for changing my mind – my daughter is moving back east and asked me to accompany her for the trip.


Of course I said yes.

Also, this is my first iPad post, and I have to admit I have no idea what I am doing! If I can handle it, this development could change the ‘face’ of the Habitual Runaway…

*UPDATE* I have to admit that I am not impressed with the iPads capacity to update. It was confusing, didn’t align properly and left me to re-do upon returning home. There will be no immediate change to the Runaway format!

So here we are, just outside Kamloops on the Trans Canada, enjoying a friendly driver, some wifi and bad bus station coffee – now THAT’S how you do it!

Talk soon!
Ana 🙂

You can follow this tour by heading to the ‘Crossing Canada‘ section. For more photos, head to the Habitual Runaway on Facebook.



2 responses to “Bussing Across Canada

  1. A cross-country bus trip? You are brave!

    Also, I’m interested to hear how you enjoy posting from your iPad. I have never gotten used to it. When I am on the road, I end up dragging out my laptop because I just can’t get the posts right from the iPad.


    • Brave & cheap! I have family from one end of Canada to the other, so I haven’t much choice! 😉

      And you know, I am with you. So far I do not like posting from my iPad & will have to go back & revise when I get home. It isn’t fluid or easy! Too bad… I like the idea.


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