Entering Alberta

Toward Snowy Alberta

Well, we have made it to the cold, already snowy, part of our tour… hello Alberta!

Sleepy Head

Though it is NEVER comfortable to sleep on the bus, we have managed and I brought some old fashioned ‘entertainment’ with me too… yes, a book!

An interesting book, too. The stories I am currently reading are of famous authors who, years ago, came through these parts on journeys of self discovery.

Edge Of Awareness

I have no idea what compels a person to trek into these isolated, desolate, hard-core  mountains to be utterly alone – in the name of self discovery.

But people do it all the time.

I will admit that I am not prepared for the snow – I mean literally AND emotionally -somehow I didn’t take into consideration the possibility of cold weather.

You never know what Canada will throw at you!

Greyhound Canada

You can follow this tour by heading to the ‘Crossing Canada‘ section. For more photos, head to the Habitual Runaway on Facebook.





4 responses to “Entering Alberta

  1. #6000’s got to be one of my favorites! GLI’s first 102DL3 and their first 45-foot bus! Looks like its running in Canada now. GLI is Greyhound US. Greyhound Canada (GLC) actually helped design the 102DL3 so they got it before GLI.


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