Bussing Through BC

Narrow Mountain Roads BC

There is nothing boring about taking the Greyhound bus through British Columbia.  The views are incredible, and the roads ‘white knuckle’.

It takes a special kind of person to choose to professionally drive in these conditions, and our first bus driver was indeed special.

And knowledgeable!

3 Valley Gap

When passing the 3 Valley Gap (pictured above), our driver told me some interesting facts. He stated that this area is technically ‘off the grid’ – not connected to provincial power sources.

So the family that owns the 3 Valley Gap decided to build their own energy source in the form of hydro power.

(Unfortunately) winter happens here, and during the icy season, the site closes to the public and the family retreats to a small wing of the giant building. Why? Because their energy source all but freezes to a trickle during the cold season, leaving the 3 Valley Gap without enough power to house guests.


Though I have not stayed at the hotel, I did finally check out the ‘ghost town’. Full of historic buildings, trains and memories – collected by the original patriarch – I would absolutely recommend a visit.

Snowy Mountaintops BC

I love the mountains during this season. Lightly dusted with snow, foggy and glimmering. It is a beautiful sight. But COLD. Each time the bus door opens, we are greeted with a snappy, cold gust of wind.

It’s early September, and already winter in the mountains – keep this in mind when travelling. Unless you consider yourself an expert driver, I would make the drive in the summer, ONLY.

Through The Mountains BC

Turquiose Water, Snowy Mountains BC.jpg


On numerous occasions, while driving the Trans Canada highway through Glacier National Park, I have stopped to collect water, to drink, from the gorgeous turquoise glacier fed streams (pictured above).

Of course you shouldn’t do this – there is nothing guaranteeing that water from any river is safe enough to drink – but I will say, consuming from this magical looking tributary has never made me sick.

…And even in the dead of summer, it is icy, icy cold.

Golden Mountains Bus View

I love the mountain ranges that greet you as you approach Golden, BC. They are regally lined up in show formation. Perfect for photographing – though perhaps not so much so from the window of a Greyhound bus (as exemplified above).

The Greyhound always stops at the Husky gas station in Golden. It is one of (less than) a handful of places you can get a ‘real’ meal on the epic journey from Vancouver to Toronto.

 Enjoy Bus Stop Golden BC Noah @ the Husky, Golden BC

The service is usually far from friendly, but I am going to blame that on the fact that I have only ever been there looking for a meal during the wild ‘bus rush’.

Imagine this sleepy location being inundated by 50 travellers at a time. Stressful for them I am sure. So, until I head up there on my own – without a bus load of others looking for a meal – I will reserve judgement.

The food is ok.

Sun Setting, Bus View, Field BC

Not far beyond Golden is the small town of Field. I have often though that if I were interested in living in a tiny, isolated mountain side village, this would be the one.

The town is gorgeous. Surrounded by epic towering mountains, situated in a gorgeous green field along side a glacier fed river. Does it get better?

Stopped In Field BC

The town of 200, developed to house railway workers in the late 1800’s, of  has most services (just don’t try to find a movie theatre), and is full of artisans, skiers and views.

There are a few fantastic, organic, delicious, ambient filled places to grab food in Field – if you are driving by and able to stop.

The greyhound doesn’t stop here for more than an instant, but if you are on a road trip through the mountains, I suggest you do – you would be missing out otherwise.

Rocky Mountain Sunset

Once you have reached Field, you are almost out of the province and into Alberta.

Additional photos in the slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can follow this tour by heading to the ‘Crossing Canada‘ section. For more photos, head to the Habitual Runaway on Facebook.


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  1. Absolutely beautiful writing. You sure do the landscape justice as though you had an easel and paint brush in hand. Lovely to read and envision.


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