Silver Lining


Hello all! It has been a while since I was here last, and I think I have a decent reason. On (Canadian) Thanksgiving day our home was broken into while we were visiting family. The thieves had a lot of time to loot the house, neighbours say they saw strangers coming in and out of our home with various bags and items for almost four hours (thanks for reporting it guys! NOT).

When we returned, every box, cupboard, drawer, closet and surface had been opened and/or overturned and EVERYTHING of value had been stolen.

I lost my MacBook pro, which happened to have 60,000+ travel and life photos on it, as well as my external hard drives (containing the book I had been working fervently on) and 20+ memory sticks that documented my Canadian travels and married life (along with every scrap of jewellery I ever owned, an old heirloom coin collection and even part of my doll collection!?).

I was lucky to have uploaded a few travel photos here, or I would have no photographic evidence of the last (almost) decade of my life.

I learned a few lessons – like remember to maintain and turn the house alarm on (ugh), don’t keep all electronics together, and hide memory sticks and external hard drives that contain every ounce and aspect of my life. I learned that jewellery is a waste of money, and if a moment is important enough to photograph, it might just be important enough to print out some of those photos too. Nobody steals a scrapbook or photo album.

I was traumatized for a while, quite a while. It has only been recently that I opened the curtains back up. I used to be a windows wide open kind of girl, but after the robbery our home temporarily became my prison. A place I spent quite some time feeling deeply violated and wallowing about what I had lost. My ancient coins!! My photos!! My book!!

The police were kind enough, and even the insurance company was somewhat accommodating, but that didn’t alleviate my agony any.

A bit of time has passed now – the insurance money came through, the alarm was fixed, front door replaced (Fort Knox here now!), windows were reopened and the house was put back together. I replaced my MacBook pro with the lesser model – MacBook air and decided not to replace much else.

Instead, I will take the thievery loss (and insurance money) as an opportunity to TRAVEL… EPIC-LY.

So there it is, the silver lining. I was ‘house poor’ (read as ‘broke’), and dying for a tour. Now, though it cannot be denied that it cost me dearly, I have enough money to zip around the world in any manner I see fit. And that is exactly what I plan to do. Literally, I am planning right now!!

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

8 responses to “Silver Lining

  1. I’m so sorry to read this – how horrible! And as for the neighbours who watched for four hours, wtf??? How could they? I’m glad you seem to be bouncing back though.


    • It very totally sucks. We are fairly new here so the neighbours say they just ‘weren’t sure’ (ugh!!). I can tell you, if I saw obviously ‘unsavory characters’ going in and out of my neighbours house with pillow cases and reusable grocery bags full of stuff – while leaving the door open for 4 hours…I would have called the cops!!

      …But back to the silver lining that I HAVE TO FOCUS ON…I can’t wait for the new tour!! 😉 I am going to go somewhere new…can’t wait to share!


      • Our neighbours’ alarm went off when they were away over Christmas. We had a quick look to investigate then called the police – false alarm, but much better to be sure. Anyway, look forward to finding out about the new trip!


  2. Ana, I was only thinking about the fact I hadn’t seen any posts from you for a while the other day. Now I know why….what a total nightmare, I really feel for you. Go and do that epic travel, enjoy some new experiences.


  3. I can’t believe the neighbours saw this happening and did not do anything. How difficult is it to pick up the phone? I am so sorry to hear that this has happened to you. I read not long ago about someone who had been robbed and started going to the local pawn shops and found some of their stuff there. Maybe you could try doing this.

    There’s always a silver lining, although it must seem very narrow…take that money and go where you want to. Do something amazing like seeing the northern lights in the Artic! Best wishes to you.


    • Yes, sadly we haven’t been here for too long (new home) & they (neighbours) told the police that they just weren’t sure – though they thought it (the thieves) looked suspicious :(.

      I did go to the pawn shops without success, & need to go back again to do another check – that is good advice.

      I am DEFINITELY going to go somewhere special (a few somewheres!) & I CAN’T WAIT! Of course I will keep you posted…

      Thank you 😀

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