Enjoying BC: Porteau Cove

This post is a continuation of the photographic journey depicting our last few days spent enjoying beautiful British Columbia before moving across Canada to our new home in Toronto, Ontario.

Views of Porteau Cove BC

From env.gov.bc.ca;

Situated on the most southerly fjord in North America, the park features waterfront campsites with a view over Howe Sound to the mountains beyond. An old ship has been sunk to provide interest for Scuba divers and to attract marine life. There are special facilities for divers.

Rocky Porteau Cove BC

Porteau Cove is located along the Sea to Sky highway – the main route from Vancouver to Whistler. We always make a stop on our way to take in the beautiful views of Howe Sound.

Docks Porteau Cove BC

The highway has been significantly improved and is much safer since the upgrades that were made to accomodate the 2010 Olympics.

Beach Porteau Cove BC

Another added bonus of the highway upgrade is a dramatically improved view.

Previously the road was shrouded in a thick forest. Now the side overhanging the ocean has been predominantly cleared for expansion, opening up wide swathes of previously forested land.

Currently (for now, until the flora regrows to its former glory) you can see the ocean and mountains while driving to and from Whistler.

Shoreline Porteau Cove BC

Just be sure to keep your eyes on the road and make safe use of the many view point look outs. The Sea to Sky highway is still a formidable stretch of asphalt that requires your full attention.

Additional photos in the slideshow.

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For more images and stories of British Columbia, head to the Canada section, or go to the Habitual Runaway on Facebook for more photos. You can also join me on Twitter, Flickr, Instagram and now Tumblr!


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