Enjoying BC: Howe Sound & Sea to Sky

This post is the final installation of the photographic journey depicting our last few days spent enjoying beautiful British Columbia before moving across Canada to our new home in Toronto, Ontario.

Abandoned Britannia Beach BC

Abandoned in Britannia

Before leaving British Columbia, we knew we needed to head up to Whistler one last time.

Toronto, Ontario is a long way away from BC – so far in fact that is usually costs less to fly from Toronto to London England than it does Toronto to Vancouver.

Additionally, the drive – though beautiful in some spots along the way – is (in my ‘I have done this too many times‘ opinion) far too epic to endure without a significant amount of holiday time to burn.

We just aren’t sure when we will be able to make it back.

Bridge at Britannia Beach BC

Pedestrian Bridge, Britannia

One of the first stops along the Sea to Sky highway toward Whistler is Britannia Beach.

Once a mining town, Britannia had been partially abandoned due to toxic pollution and recently cleaned up and revitalized. A beautiful little town with plenty of potential for the future.

The mine itself has been restored beyond its former glory and is open for tours.

You can read more about Britannia here and through the links at the end of this post.

The Chief Sea to Sky BC

Looking at ‘the Chief’

Next on the Sea to Sky toward Whistler is Shannon Falls. Located adjacent to the Stawamus Chief (an incredible feat of volcanic history, read more about it here), known locally as ‘the Chief’.

Shannon Falls BC

Shannon Falls

The pathway to Shannon Falls is well maintained, gravel and fairly level in most areas. It is a quick walk to the main falls viewing area.

Path at Shannon Falls BC

The path at Shannon Falls

For those wishing a further jaunt, there are additional pathways and varying levels of hiking trails to enjoy as well.

Snowcapped Mountains Sea to Sky HWY BC

The views along the Sea to Sky highway are nothing less than epic and include snow-capped mountain ranges and incredible ocean views.

We met friends and had a delicious meal in the world class pedestrian town of Whistler before making our return to Mission BC.

Sunset Howe Sound Sea to Sky BC

Sunset over Howe Sound

The sun was starting to set on our way back, making for some beautiful, colourful images – captured in full intensity with only my cellphone.

Sunset Sea to Sky BC

We had completed our round trip before nightfall, sadly marking the end of our BC exploration before heading out across the country to our final destination in southern Ontario.

Aproaching Vancouver Sea to Sky BC

Many additional photos in the slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For more images and stories of British Columbia, head to the Canada section, or go to the Habitual Runaway on Facebook for more photos. You can also join me on Twitter, Flickr, Instagram and now Tumblr!

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