The Awards

A sincere and heartfelt thanks to all those who took the time to nominate me for the following awards. I feel very honoured to have been recognized by my blogging community.

Thanks TvorTravels!

Thanks TvorTravels!

Thank you TvorTravels

Thank you TvorTravels

Thank you TvorTravels!

Thank you TvorTravels!

Thanks TvorTravels!

Thanks TvorTravels!


Thank you beyondprague!

Sunshine Award

Thank you curiousmother!

Very Inspiring Blogger Award 2

Thanks tazeinmirzasaad at transcendingbordersblog!

Inspiring Blogger Award

Thank you harvestinghecate!

Liebster Award

Thanks debdundas!

Versatile Blogger

Thanks tchistorygal!

Very Inspiring Blog Award

Thanks debdundas!

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Thanks JustinBeaver and theeternaltraveller!

Reality Blog Award

Thanks tchistorygal!

4 responses to “The Awards

    • Oh thank you :D. That is so kind! I really appreciate the compliment – and I have enjoyed your comments & readership.

      Thanks Kevan πŸ˜€


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