Enjoying BC: Visiting Chehalis

This post is a continuation of the photographic journey depicting our last few days spent enjoying beautiful British Columbia before moving across Canada to our new home in Toronto, Ontario.

Happy Jim

Wee Jim loved it!

There was more to explore before leaving for southern Ontario, much much more.

I knew before leaving that I would miss the lush forests just as much as the mountains, ocean and fresh air. So we decided to head for the neighbouring community of Chehalis.

Forest Chehalis BC

Wikipedia says; Chehalis is a small forestry, agricultural and First Nations community in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia located on Highway 7 on the west bank of the Harrison River between the town of Mission and the resort community of Harrison Hot Springs.

Roots Chehalis BC

Considering its proximity to us, we really hadn’t spent much time exploring the fresh, clear rivers or dense forest pathways of Chehalis.

Shoreline Chehalis BC

The water was so clear and sparkling, I just wanted to drink it straight out of the river! Instead, Jim and I did some wading in the shallow stream.

The weather that day was unbearably hot, but the gorgeous forest was so thick and dark that I am sure the temperature was 15 degrees cooler.

Sunshine Fraser Valley Forest

The smell was magnificent. Woody, earthy and flowery. The sun shone through the trees and the damp moss creating kaleidoscopes of colour.

Mossy Green Chehalis BC

It was entirely magical. If you haven’t been, make an effort to take a walk through the pristine nature of Chehalis. It’s an incredible place to recharge.

Additional photos in the slideshow

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