8 Country EU Tour

An easy to follow ‘8 Country EU Tour’ post and location list. In order of stops from Berlin Germany, to London UK. Did you miss something along the way?

8 Country EU Tour


Checkpoint Charlie

Finding Potsdamer Platz

Walking Berlin

Berlin, Local Love

Free and Hanseatic Hamburg

Hamburg, Red Light

Night in Hamburg

Bremen for Breakfast

Medieval Bremen

Germany, The Notes

Runaway *Top 10 See & Do* BERLIN, Germany

Runaway *Travel Tips* Germany

Runaway *Recommendations* BERLIN, Germany

German Route 2010


To Amsterdam

Amsterdam; Planning Required

Amsterdam; Coffee Shop Stop

Amsterdam – Bad Decisions

Shambling – the Red Light District

Recovery in Dam Square

Travelling the Dutch Countryside

Netherlands/Holland – The Notes

Runaway *Top 10 See & Do* AMSTERDAM, Holland

Runaway *Travel Tips* AMSTERDAM, Holland

Runaway *Recommendations* AMSTERDAM, Holland

Dutch Route 2010


Grand Place Brussels

Manneken Pis and Belgian Dilapidation

13 Century Ghent

Ghent – 3am Poutine

Belgium – The Notes

Runaway *Top 10 See & Do* BRUSSELS, Belgium

Runaway *Travel Tips* BRUSSELS, Belgium

Runaway *Recommendations* BRUSSELS, Belgium

Belgian Route 2010


5am Lille

Truck Stop Shenanigans

The Hitcher

Compiegne – Joanies Last Stand

Je Suis canadienne!

Paris, The Sites

The Hospitality of Strangers

Experiencing Vimy Ridge

Peace Trees and Trenches – Vimy Ridge

Chancing Upon Boulogne

Chateau de Boulogne Sur Mer

La Poivriere, Boulogne

Au Revoir France!

France – The Notes

Runaway *Top 10 See & Do* PARIS, France

Runaway *Travel Tips* France

Runaway *Recommendations* PARIS, France

French Route 2010


Crossing the Channel

Traversing the UK

Quickly Through the English Countryside

In the Forest With a Murderer

Crossing France to Scotland – The Notes


Walking Cowgate, Old Edinburgh

Greyfriars Kirkyard, Daylight

The Heart of Midlothian

The Knights – St. Giles Cathedral

Walking the Royal Mile

Witchery and Rudeness

Spooked at Greyfriars

Greyfriars Repeated

Stirling, Wallace and Bruce

Dunnottar, Stonehaven Aberdeenshire

Dunnottar, Light and Dark

Crathes castle, Aberdeenshire

Macbeth in Lumphanan

Craigievar Castle

Alford and Kildrummy

Tragedy at Corgarff Castle 

From Moorlands to Highlands

Inverness and Aldourie

The Loch Ness

Castle Urquhart

Fort Augustus and a Stolen Spoon

Argyll and Bute to Ayrshire

Ayrshire Language Barrier

Scotland – The Notes

Runaway *Top 10 See and Do* SCOTLAND

Runaway *Travel Tips* SCOTLAND

Runaway *Recommendations* SCOTLAND

Scotland Route 2010



County Galway

Through Clare to Kinvara

Ballyvaughan and Lisdoonvarnan Love

Seeking Dreams at the Cliffs of Moher

Near Death at the Cliffs of Moher

Escaping Ireland

Ireland – The Notes

Runaway *Top 10 See And Do* IRELAND

Runaway *Travel Tips* IRELAND

Runaway *Recommendations* IRELAND

Irish Route 2010


Holyhead, Isle of Anglesey

Along the Welsh Moorlands

Caernarfon Wales

Driving Through Gwynedd

Blood Pudding and Broken Toilets

Something Dodgy

Wales – The Notes


Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey

Parliament and Trafalgar Square

Walking Piccadilly

10 – Back to CANADA

Calgary to Vancouver

~ FIN ~

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